MEXICO CITY, Mexico, May 10, 2009. – Saul «Canelo» Alvarez, the new sense of Mexican boxing, a man who was called right-justified with the heir to the greatness of Julio Cesar Chavez, that he has conquered his very young age (18 years), three international championships and also going unbeaten in his career be on Saturday June 6 in the «Nature’s Sacred Paradise» by increasing the cartel explosion «at Xcaret Mayan Challenge . Your name transpired since noqueo Victor «Black» Marquez. The fighter was not stellar, but it was the center of attention.

Saul «Canelo» Alvarez was known in the environment of boxing Tapatio, but his name really about the impact to the function that was held in Guadalajara, Jalisco on May 19, 2007, in which Victor noqueo «Black» Marquez in the fourth episode in the window means that a national transmission. Now, more mature talking boxing, faces a long and solid career in boxing after accumulating 27 victories (19 by knockout track) and a tie. On that occasion they won the «Black» Marquez, the red boxer said: «I think the knockout and impress is rare that a young star which is not draw attention, but I undertake o keep eager not to

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disappoint . The «Canelo» says that when you get in the ring, gives it all, as it does for the fans and friends, why is she happy to participate in the function that will be offered on Saturday June 6 at the Theater «Great Tlachco» Park Xcaret in Riviera Maya Mexico. «I want to grow up in the box to reach and sustain a world title, I would love to confront Chavez Jr. , but also interests me grow as a human being and be an example of so many children and young people to show them that when they fight well, earning well» , said the boxer Jalisco in a recent interview.

Shone on amateurism before venturing on professionalism, Alvarez was gold medalist of the Olympics Nationals 2005 and 2006. Started in this sport influenced by his older brother, Rigoberto «The Spanish» Alvarez, the only example. The «Spanish» Alvarez was removed from the boxing, but to discover the potential of his brother, returned to motivate and care for their discipline. «More than anything I try to be their example. I want my brother to see me and I hope that the discipline has throughout his career. He was retired and only came back for him.

I am proud to see how it has grown,» said the boxer 31 years. Rigoberto Alvarez recalled that when the «Canelo» had 12 years gave him the gloves and then he saw his talent to take the amateur, «but he said, will come a time when I no longer will I be able to teach you more and will have to bring someone to grow up and I introduced him to Jose Reynoso and since then is with him. » The «Spanish» has plans for himself, although he confessed that his dream is to see his younger brother as world champion. «It’s a charismatic guy, with technical qualities.

I will be world champion, which is also my dream,». you manager, Jose Reynoso, attributes the media phenomenon that has been created around his Saul Alvarez quality boxing, but it is very special and strange personality. What you see his face once and you will not be forgotten, for his red hair and freckles. » The «Chepo» Reynoso sees young Jalisco «potential to become an idol, despite being still a child» and his words are being fulfilled, the «Canelo» is a true idol. «The new star of Mexican boxing,» as called by the villagers, and the «Best Latin leaflet in oxing», as described in the media overseas, will be another stellar figures in the evening that the developers have programmed Pepe Ricardo Maldonado Gomez and the endorsement of the World Boxing Council to confirm to the world that Mexico continues to stand and walk steadily. Barragan Saul Santos Alvarez am and I called «canelo .» My mom is Ana Maria Barragan Fernandez and my dad is Santos Alvarez Barragan. Naci the July 18, 1990 in the village of San Austin de Tlajomulco de Zuniga, near Guadalajara , Jalisco. A the five years we moved to jump Juanacatlan.

En family we are seven brothers and one sister: Rigoberto, Ana Elda, Daniel Giovanni, Jose Ricardo, Gonzalo Victor Alfonso, Juan Ramon yo. Termine and to the second degree secundaria. Soy of Rigoberto boxer for my brother, I look forward view professional. El debut nickname I put my manager Jose «Chepe» Reynoso guy who I started to say, «Canelita, Canelita» grew and became The «Cinnamon. » admire Gilberto Roman, Oscar de la Hoya, Julio Cesar Chavez. The admire but I would be better than all . Mi favorite hobby is hunting, I do not like most other sport only boxing. No have no particular group, but I like the music of band.