Who´s cheap-critique

University of Puerto Rico-Bayamón English Department Critique- Who’s Cheap? Angeliz Rivera Meléndez INGL 3130 KGI Prof. Ocasio oct0ber 7, 2008 Wh0’s Cheap? What would you think if you go out on a date and your date throws the tab on you? Or what would au do ifyou get married and all the bills are gi ora For women that woul be they are used to it. M y oeo women monetarily a in this essay. She trie sive responsibillty? the sarne for men, me xist to support air Lara talks about he falsity ofthis belief and I can say identify with her thoughts.

Adair Lara is a Californian journalist and a writing teacher, she exposes one of the most controversial themes in the society and we can say, because of all the experiences she narrates in this essay, she really identifies with the topic. Through all Swipe to View nexr page her writing she stays on the border line, not saying what she really thinks about it, but leaving it very clear. She implies that a relationship should not be based on the monetary rank or global ideas of how people should behave.

According to the author, t’s not fair to tolerate things

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to one side and not to the other. Calling it a dilemma, she states that both men and wornen have imperfections. Many people say what a woman needs is a moneymaker and she Will have it all, but that’s not the way I think it is. Even today in our society we have this standard scheme in which we associate women with housekeeping and men with money support. I am not that kind of woman that tries to get everything from men. I know being a couple means to help each other, not to take advantage.

It’s true some men are Stingy and dole most of the imes. Although, this kind of stereotyping does not come only from women, there’s also this kind of chauvinism coming from mena They think that paying everything even though they know t this kind of chauvinism coming from mena They think that paying everything even though they know they are ruining thelr wallet is a demonstration ofa manliness or ‘ove. For them having always money makes them worthy of being men. have to fight this with my boyfriend every day. He rather borrow whatever he needs from anyone else but from me.

I have never gotten he opportunity to invite him out to dinner and pay, because he always ends paying for everything. The same thing happens with my father. Unfortunately, this is not the only argument people accept about men. Men have to tolerate woman’s cravings and women can’t stand this from man just once. l’m not saying men should not pay dinner or bills, but sometimes women should be honest vvith themselves and accept when it is their turn. Well, men don’t have to get extreme like instead of buying a drink offering the water fountain. So men, don’t get too cheap! 31_1f3