Virtual love

Virtual love gy michidclavcga gexaõpR 03, 2010 pagos The internet has changed the way people interact, especially with the creation of all the online dating web sites, it has changed the way people start friendship and relationships. Meghan Daum, writer for some popular magazines such as the New Yorker and Vogue, she wrote about her experience meeting someone online. ‘Virtual Love» is about how Meghan meet a person threw the internet and how they began to know each other, and later began an online relationship.

I think that What Daum wrote about her personal experience is something is becoming very common these days, people are meeting thru the internet, and starting different relationships, and just like hers think that a lot of them won’t work out. The story began with the first email that PFSlider wrote to Megan, it was a very normal email he wrote about the admiration of her articles. She w ora PFSlider had sent her he they began an online ends trust him, and he felt Swipe to View next page about What ck, little by little o feel as she could he same.

During the time they were writing she had talked about how she had never been

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a very open person, how she is more of a Shy person and how she had been changing with PFSlider. They began a online romance, but Still the idea to talk on the phone and See each other wasn’t good for her, since she was a writer for her it was easier to write, she could take the time to think about What she would write and how. PFSlider came to visit her in New York, after that she didn’t really like it, it wasn’t What she wanted, and she liked the idea of him. She visited him in California as well, but face to face they were just not the same as online.

He then came to New York for work, and got offer a job, but he never called her while he was in town. After he decided he was going to take the job In New York and moved there, they went out on a date. The romance was never there. She liked the idea of him, and even though they knew each other because during their emails and messages they never really lied, since It all started online, they made an idea of each other that asn’t really true, and after being with each other they were let do made an idea of each other that wasn’t really true, and after being With each other they were let down in some way.

Both of them just went back to their life like nothing. Megan wrote about her experience when she began an online friendship that turned into a mini romance, and how was her experience about everything. didn’t have the same experience as her, but I have a different one. Last week I created a new email to be able to create an account in match. com. I made up a new dentity, since this was a learning experience about how people use online dating.

After created the account, realized that there were a lot of diferent sires, and the one chose, (match. com) had a lot of people that were looking for relationships. made the account and had fun learning about the new ways to meet people and how you can send messages and actually set up dates. I realized that a lot of people are now using these types of sites, and that is very normal for people to meet online. I learned a lot, but I think online dating is just not for me. 31_1f3