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Usar ms project gy jacoboamilcar gexa6pR 03, 2010 2 pagos using ms-project … part 2 new feature: the multi-level undo One of the most useful improvements for the average user in Project 2007 is multi-level undo! If you understand the complexities of the scheduling engine in Project you Will know that is not trivial and why it took sorne time In comlng. What Chis does for you is that it makes it far easier to try multiple scenarios or variants of the schedule. You can test different what- if strategies without the fear that you Will not get the schedule ack how it looked before the what-if.

If you didn’t get the sample project from the previous lesson you to nex: page can download it now: Systems Analysis pro As you can see there appearance of the pr make it even easier t schedule. nota ora to View nut*ge I of nge in the n improved to ed to establish the The Resource Sheet is important because it Will allow you to assign the resources needed for evey task in the project. Usually, scenarios Will Involve moving people around on the tasks. It is necessary to have a firm grasp of the

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resources available befare ou start to eval evaluate alternatives.

It is very often impossible to shorten the duration of a task without asslgnlng more people to it and you have to know how those people can be made available. Befare you start to play with scenarios, here’s a detail that can be very frustrating if you don’t know about it: Warning: once you the file, you can’t Undo anymore! That•s right. Ifyou’ve done a dozen actions yau can undo any or all of them but as soon as you do a or as the Undo becomes unavailable. One of the techniques suggest to keep track of your scenarios s to create a Note for every change you may want to undo.

That way, every time you try to backtrack the schedule you’ll have a reminder of why you did What you did at the time. That can also be useful ifyou donit use Undo but want to come back to the project at a later date and examine What was changed back when. The Undo list Will contain all the actions taken since the last . The list is in ‘Last In First Out’ format and you can undo the last action or a group of actions. It should be obvious that you can’t undo an action in the middle of the list.