Principios de gestion de proyectos

Principios de gestion de proyectos gy anadicg077 1 ACKa6pR 03, 2010 | 70 pagos PROJECT MANAGEMENT BY MERI WILLIAMS THE PRINCIPLES OF RUN PROJECTS ON TIME AND TO BUDGET USING THIS SIMPLE STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE The Principles of Project Management Thank yau for downloading the sample chapter of The Principles Of Project Management published by SitePoint. This excerpt includes the Summary of Contents, Information about the Author, Editors and SitePoint, Table of Contents, Preface, the 2nd chapter from the book, and the index. We ho e ou find this information 4. Keeping It Smooth 155 C.

Professional Qualifications seful in evaluating t For more informatio Summary of Conten 2. Getting Started PACE 1 or70 to View nut*ge isit s Summary of Additional Book Contents Preface — 1. So What Is Project Management Anyway?…. 3. Getting The Job Done S. Following Through A. Tools . B. Resources 185 Index . „ 17 53 91 133 . … 181 . 193 transmitted in any form or by any means, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles or reviews. Notice of Liability The author and publisher have made every effort to ensure the accuracy

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Ltd. 8 Cambridge Street Collingwood VIC Australia 3066. Web: vwuw. sitepoint. com Email: business@sitepoint. com ISBN 978-0-9802858-5-4 printed and bound in Canada About the Author Meri spends her days managing projects at a large multinational, and her evenings writing at Geek I Managerl and developing web sites. She laves motorbikes, shooting, tattoos, and going home to beautiful South Africa whenever possible. In her spare time she is an enthusiastic gamer, a novice surfer, and a keen Cook. About the Expert Reviewers Kevin Lawver has worked f irteen years, building web «stuff’ most of that time. all that work, AOL lets W3C and build lots of fun stuff like ficlets. com. When he’s not working or traveling, Kevin blogs with his wife over at http:// lawver. net. Drew McLellan is Senior Web Developer and Director at l_JK-based web development agency edgeofmyseat. com. He holds the title of Group Lead at the Web Standards Project, and likes to bang on about microformats whenever the opportunity arises. Drew keeps a personal site at allinthehead. com, covering web development issues and themes. About the Technical Editor Toby Somerville is a serial webologist, who caught the programming bug back in 2000.

For his sins, he has been a pilot, blacksmlth, a web applications architect, and a freelance web developer. In his spare time he likes to kite buggy and climb stuff. About the Technical Director As Technical Director for SitePoint, Kevin Yank oversees all of its technical publications—books, articles, newsletters, and blogs. He has written over 50 articles for SitePoint, but is best known for his book, Build Your Own Database Driven Website Using PHP & MySQL Kevin lives in Melbourne, Australia, and enjoys performing improvlsed comedy theater and flying light aircraft.

About Sitepoint SitePoint specializes in publishing fun, practical, and asy-to-understand content for web professionals. Visit http://www. sitepoint. com/ to access Our books, newsletters, articles, and community forums. http://blog. geekmanager. co. uk/ For my lovely wife, Elly Table of Contents Preface Whars Covered In Book? . The Book’s Web Site his Project Management Cheat Sheets . xvi Updates and Errata . xvii The SitePoint Forums . Newsletters Your Feedback Acknowledgments Conventions Used In This Book Tips, Notes, and Warnings Chapter So What Is Project Management Anyway? What Is Project Management? Understanding the Project Life Cycle Failure to Caunch . xvi Wii It Takes Too Long . It’s Too Hard . What Project Management Isn’t . Why You Need PM What’s In It for The Underlying Principles of Project Management . . 10 Doing PM Right Is an Investment In Making the «Real Work» 10 People Problems Can’t Be Solved with Software If it Doesn’t Add Value, it Won’t Get Done 12 The Best Tool Is the One that Works and Gets Used . . 12 The Best Way to Communicate Is the Way That Gets You Heard . 4 Choosing the Right Tools and Processes Is the PM’s Most Important Job Summary . 15 s OF Discovery: Finding the Projects Picking the Best Identifying the Opportunities . 21 Comparing the Opportunities . 23 . 17 . 21 Ranking and Choosing Opportunities to Pursue . 24 Spotting Bad Projects . 26 Project, or Day-by-day Improvement? 28 Discovery Tools and Who Are All These people? . Stakeholders 33 Stakeholder Tools and Best practices . Initiating Your Project The Purpose of Initiating . 43 The Process of Initiating .

Initiation Tools and Best Practices . Seven Essential Steps for a Successful . 29 . … 33 Initiation . 51 . 50 6 OF . 51 The Principles of Project Management (vmw. sitepoint. com) xi Chapter 3 Getting The Job Done . Planning . WhY Plan? 54 What to Plan 55 How to Plan 56 Tools and Best Practices 71 Executing . 77 Let Your Team Have Ownership . The Link to Personal Productivity 78 Controlling . 80 Are You on Track? . Measuring Deliverables . 53 . 80 Versus Validation Looping Back to Plan 86 Tools and Best practices 88 Chapter 4 Keeping It Smooth . . 91 Communication and Collaboration . 92 13 Managing Change .. Types of Change 122 Change Control 124 Tools and gest Practices . 127 85 . 122 Order the print version of this book to get all 200+ pages! Summary . 133 Knowing When You’re Done . 134 Handling a Total Disconnect 137 Closing a Project 139 142 What Comes Next? . Defining Your Role 147 The Superstar Handover 149 Tools and Best Practices . 151 153 Looking to the Future . The Next Project and the 154 Appendix A Tools Initiating Project Proposal Template Measuring Value Creation 156 Rest. . 147 • 155 Communication Plan Template . 159 Project Initiation Document . 59 Typical Kickoff Meeting Agenda … 162 Planning, Executing, and Controlling Project Plan Template.. Work Breakdown Structure . 163 Gantt Chart . 164 Risk Management Plan Template The Principies of Project Management (www. sitepoint. com) Balance Quadrant . 165 Estimation Techniques . Issue List Template 166 Project Status Update Template 169 Change Request Template Planning Software — 170 Tracking Software . 174 Closing .