Preguntas gy Danone ,qexaúpR 03, 2010 2 pagos Lyrics to The Last Three Letters : dearest love, I hope this message finds you well as these endless thoughts drip from my soul every single word secretly paints a fairytale of when we WIII melt into one. eyes forfeit sight to the pain Cold scalpel’s Steel whispers tear at my very core as cling to memories ofyou I am so scared… so scared… need you with me were the last words that wrote for you enough to tell you that in my death the li ht that shone throu h my painful darkness ra was a blinding vision y to View it’s me again, is it me or am wron Will the beauty ofyour pen ever cross my eyes again? was this all a lie? why? that in my death the light that shone through my painfu was a blinding vision of your eternal smile? make it stop, make this pounding in my head stop fill my lungs with air, give me Swlpe to vlew next page one more day to make her dreams come true she understands rght? that l’m not coming back… she understands right? that l’m not coming

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back… ake it stop, make the pounding stop ‘m not coming back, l’m not coming back, l’m not coming back… I donit know What happened… who would have thought my life would end up like this? I didn’t mean to hurt her, not hurt her like this… l can’t feel my legs I can’t feel my legs and cant even cry… how could somebody die like this? if my words ever reach you 1’11 assume you don’t care never knew that silence could cut so deep or that you could twist the blade now I curse all ofyour beautiful lies.. I love you and goodbye cold scalpelis Steel whispers tear at my very core as cling to my memories of you..