Oliver twist

Oliver Twist, Dickens is one of the most brilliant works that reveal the genius of an exceptional writer. A hard and bitter childhood marked by poverty and imprisonment of his father, and relieved only by reading, marked forever the life of Charles Dickens, who found in her literary inspiration. His novels combine realism, humor and a deep knowledge of the marginalized, whose situation continually denounced.

The story of young Oliver, raised in an orphanage, used and abused in a funeral home, which the escape route to London is recruited by a gang of thieves that he does not recognize as such, is not only a superb showcase of well-known Dickensian creations (Fagin, the leader of the gang of juvenile delinquents, the thief Jack Dawkins, the murderer Sikes, the prostitute Nancy, the mysterious Monks, Oliver’s relentless pursuer), but a magnificent and fast-paced tale of innocence beleaguered.

The various guards that the hero is finding its way we discover the idyllic and sentimental Dickens, and thanks to a web of secrets as dramatic as finally happy. Posterity myth has become the adventures of this little character, and maybe today, praying his fascination has not waned. It is a beautiful and sensitive story, whose characters reflect

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the social problems present in all ages. It was serialized in 1837, consolidated the fame of the author and is undoubtedly one of the most enduring novels of his genius.

With it he intended to show that it could “serve to morality” by a story with “characters chosen from the most criminal and degraded of London’s population, yet they survived and where the innocence and fragility. With Oliver Twist Charles Dickens begins to literature devoted specifically to adolescents. Oliver Twist: The main character in the novel is poor, has 12 years, and it becomes an orphan because he was born, her mother dies in childbirth. This occurred in a hospice in London in which it was received.

Oliver is very confident and so easily deceived him, has torn clothing is poor, nice, pale, diminished in stature and has many problems but is noble and sincere despite also be mistreated. Fagin: Cunning old Jew, fence, is a bearded man, thief and the poor start until he formed a band of robbers which joined Oliver, whom he also abused her. The gang of boys stole a lot of things in shops, and even people on the street, and Fagin, he managed to fiddle with all the money because children and Oliver were at his service.

Fagin was hanged. Sr. Bumbler: The master of the workhouse where Oliver was born and that this man was born, is a very rich upper middle class and also abusing more children Oliver and also Bumbler named him Oliver with an ingenious system, in alphabetical order began to put names to children was and said the next boy would start with P, etc … Sr. Brownlow: An old man, who despite their poverty and although Oliver intet steal, pities the boy and decides to welcome you and feed it, is a character that gives more love Oliver.

John Dawkins: One of the companions of Oliver in the band of thieves led by Fagin, John was known as the Artful Dodger. Charley Bates, Nancy and Betsy: They are thieves that come with Oliver, and that they serve Fagin The truth is that the book I liked it because it’s boring but because only in between the beginning and end, is what has me most liked, as the echo of that Fagin is the nearest relative to him Oliver gives a very happy ending, especially for him because he inherits the entire fortune of the old man came to ask him to steal, and beat y. .. And also the beginning I as very interested because it has great detail from when the boy arrives in London still inside the mother’s telling and as such grows, he says, which makes … Oliver is the most confident, funny and ready because once he escapes to go to London for a more prosperous life until the end of history, it will not live. I also believe that Charles Dickens plasma very well the consequences of the Industrial Revolution and all things that happen to Oliver is partly thanks to that, and Dickens also explains this very well because he is living the time when writing the book, and that society should try to do something about crime.

The characters are like my least several first is Fagin old relative of the protagonist, then hang it cruel character at the stake, and the other character Mr. Bumble because mistreats Oliver, and as is the owner of the hospice where to that time had lived, and how this man belonged to upper middle class, who thought he would be able to do what he wanted. The book I liked the parts I mentioned earlier I hope the next book we read it reflects as well as the consequences of the Revolutions and the facts that can change the destiny of humanity. Fernan Oblitas Vargas

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