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Manual bs 120 gy yuuban no•R6pR 16, 2011 | 88 pagos BS 120/BS-1 30/gs-180,’BS 190 Chemistry Analyzer Service Manual @ 2007-2010 Shenzhen Mindray Bio-medical Electronics Co. , Ltd. Resewed. For this Ser. /ice Manual, the Issued Date is 2010-04 (Version: 4. 0). All rights Intellectual Property Statement SHENZHEN MINDRAY BIO-MEDICAL ELECTRONICS coa, LTD. (hereinafter called Mindray) owns the intellectual properw rights to this Mindray product and this manual.

This manual may refer to information prote PACE 1 not convey any licen _ nor the rights of Othe Mind arising out of any infr third parties. Mindra not nts and does s of Mindray, ume any liability other rights of contents of this manual as confidential information. Disclosure of the information in this manual in any manner whatsoever without the written permission of Mindray is strictly forbidden.

Release, amendment, reproduction, distribution, rent, adaption and translation of this manual in any manner whatsoever without the written permission of Mindray is strictly forbidden. , , are the , registered trademarks or trademarks owned by Mindray in China and other countries. All other trademarks that appear in this manual are used only for editorial purposes without he intention of improperly using them. They are the property of

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their respective owners.

Responsibillty on the Manufacturer Party connection with the furnishing, performance, or use of this manual. Mindray is responsible for safety, reliabillty and performance of this product only in the condition that: all installation operations, expansions, changes, modifications and repairs of this product are conducted by Mindray authorized personnel; the electrical installation of the relevant room complies with the applicable national and local requirements; the product is used in accordance with the instructions for use.

Upon request, Mindray may provide, with compensation, necessary circuit diagrams, calibration illustration list and other information to help qualified technician to maintain and repair sorne parts, which Mindray may define as user sen/iceable. WARNING: It is important for the hospital or organization that employs this equipment to carry out a reasonable service/maintenance plan. Neglect of this may result in machine breakdown or injury of human health. NOTE: This equipment is to be operated only by medical professionals trained and authorized by Mindray or Mindray-authorized distributors.

Warranty THIS WARRANTY IS EXCLUSIVE AND IS IN LIEIJ OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Exemptions Mindray’s obligation or lia is warranty does not 2 8 include any transportation ees or liability for direct, extend to: any Mindray product which has been subjected to misuse, negligence or accident; any Mindray product from which Mindray’s original serial number tag or product identification markings have been altered or removed; any product of any other manufacturer.

Return Policy Return Procedure In the event that it becomes necessary to return this product or part of this product to Mindray, the following procedure should be followed: Obtain return authorization: Contact the Mindray Service Department and obtain a Customer Service Authorization (Mindray) number. The Mlndray number must appear on the outside of the shipping container. Returned shipments Will not be accepted if the Mindray number is not clearly visible. Please provide the model number, serial number, and a brief description of the reason for return.

Freight policy: The customer is responsible for freight charges when this product is shipped o Mindray for service (this includes customs charges). Return address: Please send the part(s) or equipment to the address offered by Customer Service department. Company Contact Manufacturer: Address: Tel: Fax: Shenzhen Mindray Bio-Medical Electronics Co. , Ltd. Mindray Building, Keji 1 2th Road South, Hi- tech Industrial Park, Nanshan, ShenZhen 518057, P. R. China, +86 755 26582479 26582888 +86 755 26582934 26582500 Foreword 88 Who Should Read This Ma system strictly as instructed by this manual.

Conventions Used in This Manual ThlS manual uses the following typographical conventions to larify meanings in the text. Bold and Italic font indicates text displayed on the screen, such as Sample Request. Safety Symbols In thiS manual, the Signal words BIOHAZARD, WARNING, CAUTION and NOTE are used regarding safety and other important instructions. The signal words and their meanings are defined as follows. Please understand their meanings clearly before reading this manual. When you see… Then… Read the statement following the symbol. The statement is alerting you to an operating hazard that can cause personal injury.

WARNING BIOHAZARD Read the statement following the symbol. The statement is lertingyou to a potentially biohazardous condition CAUTION alerting you to a possibility of system damage or unreliable results. NOTE alertingyou to information that requires your attention. 4 88 terminal Time limit in use for environmental protection (20 years) ON (Main power) OFF (Main power) ON (Power) OFF (Powen serial communication port Graphics All graphics, including screens and printout, are for illustration purposes only and must not be used for any other purpose. EC Representative Name: Address: Tel: Fax: Shanghai International Holding Corp. GrnbH(Europe) Eiffestrasse 80 0-20537 Hamburg Germany 40 5131 74 +49 40 255726 Safety Precautions Observe the followng safety precautions when using the Chemistry Analyzer. Ignoring any of these safety precautions may lead to personal injury or equipment damage. If the system is used in a manner not specified by Mindray, the protection provided by the system may be impaired. Preventing Electric Shock please observe the following instructions to prevent electric shock.

When the Main Power is o not open the rear cover s 8 or side cover. Spillage of r ple on the analyzer may Light sent by the photometer lamp may hurt your eyes. Do not tare Into the lamp when the system is in operation. If you want to replace the photometer lamp, first switch off the Main Power and then wait at least 15 rmnutes for the lamp to cool down before touching it. Do not touch the lamp before it cools down, or you may get burned. 4 Preventing Infection Please observe the following instructions to protect against the biohazardous infection.

Inappropriately handling samples, controls and calibrators may lead to biohazardous infection. Do not touch the sample, mixture or waste with your hands. Wear gloves and lab coat andi if necessary, goggles. In case your skin contacts the sample, control or calibrator, follow standard laboratory safety procedure and consult a doctor. Handling Reagents and Wash Solution Some reagents and wash solution may be corrosive to human skins. Plaase handle the reagents and concentrated wash solution carefully and avoid direct contact. ln case your skin or clothes contact the reagents or wash solution, wash them off with water.

In case the reagents or wash solution spill into your eyes, rinse them with much water and consult an oculist. Treating Waste Liquids Please observe the following instructions to prevent nvironmental pollution and personal injury caused by waste. 6 8 Some substances in reape hanced wash solution and lab coat and, if necessary, goggles. Treating Waste Analyzer please observe the following instructions to dispose of the waste analyzer. Materials ofthe analyzer are subject to contamination regulations. Dispose of the waste analyzer in accordance with your local or national guidelines for waste disposal.

Preventing Fire or Explosion Please observe the following instructions to prevent fire and explosion. Ethanol is flammable substance. Please exercise caution while using the ethanol. Precautions on use TO use the BS-120/BS-1 30/3S-18WBS-190 Chernistry Analyzer safely and efficiently, please pay much attention to the following operation notes. Intended Use The BS-120/BS-1 30/BS-180/BS-190 a fully-automated and computer-controlled chemistry analyzer designed for in vitro quantitative determination of clinical chemistries in serum, plasma, urine and CSF samples.

Please consult Mindray first if you want to use the syste conclusion, please also ref rposes. To draw a clinical nt’s clinical symptoms not install devices generating excessive electromagnetic noise around the system. Do not use such devices as mobile phones or radio transmitters in the room housing the system. Do not use other CRT displays around the system. The electromagnetic noise might lead to system failures. Do not use other medical instruments around the system that may generate electromagnetic noise to interfere with their operations. Operating the System Operate the system strictly as instructed by this manual. Inappropriate use of the system may lead to unreliable test results or even equipment damage or personal injury_ Before using the system for the first time, run the calibration program nd QC program to make sure the system is in normal status. Be sure to run the QC program every time you use the system, otherwise the result may be unreliable. Do not open the covers of the sample/reagent disk cover when the system is in operation. Do not open the reaction disk cover when system is in operation.

The RS-232 port on the analyzing unit is to be used for connection with the operation unit only. Do not use it for other connections. Only use the supplied cable for the connection. The operation unit is a personal computer With the BS-120/BS-1 30/3S-18W BS-1g0 operating software installed. Installing other softw’are r hardware on this computer may interfere with the system operation. Do not run other software when the system is working. Computer virus may destroy the operating software or test data. Do not use this computer for Ether purposes or connect it to the Internet.

Do not touch the display, mouse or keyboard with wet hands or hands with chemicals. Do not place the Main Power to ON again within 10 seconds since placing it to OFF; otherv,/ise the sy place the Main Power to ON again within 10 seconds since placing it to OFF; otherwse the system may enter protection status. If it does so, switch off the Main Power and switch it on again. Service and Maintenance Maintain the system strictly as instructed by this manual. Inappropriate maintenance may lead to unreliable results, or even equipment damage and personal injury.

Dust may accumulate on the system surface when the system is exposed to the outside for a long time. To wipe off dust from the system surface, use a soft, clean and wet (not too wet) cloth, soaked with mild soap solution if necessary, to clean the surface. Do not use such organic solvents as ethanol for cleaning. After cleaning, wipe the surface with dry cloth_ Switch off all the powers and unplug the power ord before cleaning. Take necessary measures to prevent water ingression into the system, otherwise it may lead to equipment damage or personal injury.

Replacement of such major parts as lamp, photometer, sample probe, mixer and syringe plunger assembly must be followed by a calibration. Setting up the System To define such parameters as sample volume, reagent volume and wavelength, follow the instructions in this manual and the package insert of the reagents. Samples Use samples that are completely free of insoluble substances like fibrin, or suspended matter; otherwise the probe may be blocked. Medicines, anticoagulants or preservative in samples may lead to unreliable res s, anticoagulants or preservative in the sample unreliable results. est results, so a sample blank is recommended. Store the samples properly. Improper storage may change the compositions of the samples and lead to unreliable results. Sample volatilization may lead to unreliable results. Do not leave the sample open for a long period. Some samples may not be analyzed on the BS-120/BS-130/BS-180/BS-190 based on parameters the reagents claim capable of testing. Consult the reagent manufacturer or distributor for details. Certain samples eed to be processed before being analyzed by the system. Consult the reagent manufacturer or distributor for details.

The system has specific requirements on the sample volume. Refer to this manual for details. Load the sample to correct position on the sample disk before the analysis begins; otherwise you WII not obtain correct results. 9 Reagents, Calibrators and Controls Use appropriate reagents, calibrators and controls on the system. Select appropriate reagents according to performance characteristic of the system. Consult the reagent suppliers, Mindray or Mindray-authorized distributor for details, if ou are not sure about your reagent choice.

Store and use reagents, calibrators and controls strictly as instructed by the suppliers. Otherwise, you may not obtain reliable results or best performance of the system. Improper storage of reagents, calibrators and controls may lead to unreliable results and bad performance of the system even in validity period. Perform a calibration after changing reagents. Otherw•ise, you may not obtain reliable results. Contamnation caused by carryover among reagents may lead to unreliable test results. Consult the reagent manufacturer or distributor for details. Backing up Data