Love is war

Love is war gy AnneTorresG 1 110R5pR 17, 2011 2 pagcs is warThis hot, love makes me feel like have got no place to go. l’m on my own… AAAAAH!! Grey clouds surrounding me, monochrome bustles filling the scene. Sunlight refusing to shine, the evening has come, yet it seems so bleak and dark now.. Aah— this world that we are in is blurred. So could this mean, my love for yau wasn’t meant to be? That can’t be true… for my heart’s Still acheing for you, What Swp to page should say? How do react?

I guess I’m just… so foolish. Now’s no time for sill ora Oh, I can’t stand to s yel My heart has chosen u and 1’11 promise you that, nvo a war! but me! I tried shouting into a MEGAPHONE but it instantly shattered. Ilm just tryin trying way too hard, to be noticed again; placed into your eyesight just one more time. Aah— then suddenly a clear, blue Sky floats right past us. But it doesn’t suit the mood at all. l’ve lost control, over my hearts’ true feelings… Oh how can explain? What should do?

My eyes Will not shed tears, so 1’11 take this

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moment to say… I LOVE YOU SO! 1’11 fight with my true feelings, 1’11 shoot Stra ght at your heart! have no choice if want you to hear my feelings out! I Will try my best to shine, anything to get you now! Just gaze upon me, 1’11 make sure you never look awaaa-aaaa- aaay! GET READY TO INTERCEPT! The situation of this war is Still just a drawback! LOVE IS BLIND… I’LL PROVE IT -ro YOCJ! YES I Will be awaken from this sleep just by your kiss!