Lmhmkmkm gy braitcckr ‘IORúpR 17, 2011 4 pagos Radio interview Hi Guys Good Afternoon, Again Tuning RADIO HITS Today we’ll start with the current topic. ,. «The Educational Problem and current movement» We have a Guest » Javier Pedraza» Who is a teacher from Ruben Dario’s School from La Reina it goes 7 years working there. He’ll Answer us some Typical cuestions but thinking about his own thougth and how is his vision of the current problem. Lets see!. -Hi Mr. Javier, how’re you? Hi Timmy Fine thanks Swp to page -Well, Let’s see forw See the problem fro We’ll Ask your sorne Javier? ra stion a know hoWs you a teacher . answer Ready *Yeah, itwould be a pleasure lets do it!. 1 – well ¿ What do you think about the profit on Public and Private Establishments ? * The profit of everyway is bad even more talking about the education Even if the municipality gives money to public school’s they should not recive money from the students because municipality does it for them.

About the profit on Public Establishments i thinkg that it concerns to the same Establishments Because if theyre in TOMA they’ll lo loose money, So think

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this one its a great way to demonstraiting he Discosting problem of the students, Because the municipality pays to the School for every student attending everyday and if the school does not work it would loose the money with the same that they do a profit, But the teachers do not have anything to See in this and it concerns them too. On Private’s school think it’s an abuse, Some colleges costs SI 50. 00 Monthly for something that is so minimum that is develop like person to Receiving good educations, To realice yourself It’s not for help his students it only goes to the poket. And ifthey’re en TOMA they dont loose money from the unicipality. – And What about the schools that help his students like School that got special classrooms from kids with special needs? Apart from normal students.? *Well, this is an exeption but the majority dont do that. And have the same expenses -Mmmm… Alright, Second Question: 2. – ¿ How it concerns to the state ? mr .

Javier ‘k The state loase money and Credibility of the population/ poblation On not having answered straigth the Requirements minimum that they ask like humans, the problem is that they’ve the budget but not the intention The government sk like humans, the problem is that they’ve the budget but not the Intention The government sould answer to the rights(derechos) and not only give offers 3. – -What you think about the chilean education? *I thinks it’s great but is only profit, it have a lot of problems in that way thefll never change anything because the people should open them minds And to come to the problem of root 4. -Do you think that has evolved the treatment between the Government and the students? * I think that the treatment it goes ofbad to worse owed that the state dont want to yield to request that they ask and for this eason they students are disgusted with the government and they demonstrate they rage doin moré marchs and destroids on public area. 4- you taik about MARCHS or BARRICADAS? , ThiS is the way of demonstrate the rage to the state? *l Said that in the two ways one pacific way and one attacker way. 5- What you think about the treatment of the police to the students? It’s appart because they have to practise his work and if the students make a march not authorized they have to practise work for » dissorder on thoroughfare and they have to take them to the comissary But also they have an gressive treatme 3Lvf4 on thoroughfare and they have to take them to the comissary gut also they have an agressive treatment With the students, theyre very very violent and they look like shiny pearls sometimes they hit to the students and they cant do anything because «it’s the Authority and the students ever loose police fights. – What you think about BARRICADAS *I think it’s ilogic because they distroid them own City they distroid them own place they destroid them own movile service (transantiago) Them own stops.. it ends being a hurt to hemselves, think it’s patetic because the same money that the state spend Arranglng streets and Destruction might be to the educational problem and destrolling it lengthen the period . Thanks alot for coming here, we’re more informated about the thinking of and how teachers see it. I hope you enjoy it and you liked to be here on RADIO HIT Waiting for you come again and givin you the thanks we end this block here bye Mr. Javier Thanks again! *You’re welcome Sr. Timmy i really enjoy it, i liked to give my point of View and help you guys, Thanks to you guys for giveme this space on RADIOHITS Bye bye!!