List of adverbs en ingles

Quick Refresher: Adverbs are words that describe – or modify verbs, adjectives, and other adverbs. They tell us how, when, where, to What extent, and why. Adverbs that tell us How? A: absentmindedly, adoringly, awkwardly B: beautifully, briskly, brutally C: carefully, cheerfully, competitively eagerly, effortlessly, extravagantly G: girlishly, gracefully, grimly L: lazily, lifelessly, loyal to View Q: quietly, quickly, qu R: really, recklessly, r S: savagely, sloppily, U: unabashedly, une W: welli wishfully, wo ors orv stvlis Adverbs that tell us When?

A: after, aftem’ards, annually B: before D: daily N: never, now S: soon, Still T: then, today, tomorrow W: weekly, when Y: yesterday Adverbs that tell us Where? A: abroad, anywhere, away E: everywhere more about this. Positive Comparative Superlative badly I worse worst carefully more carefully I most carefully little I less least I much I more I most soon I sooner soonest I well I better I best I For the mother lode list of adverbs, check out this site. How Do You Diagram Adverbs? Seeing a list of adverbs is a great way to learn what an adverb is.

Sentence diagramrmng can teach you What an adverb does. Sentence diagramming is a visual way to show how the

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words in a entence are related to each other. You already know that adverbs are words that modify verbs, adjectives, and other adverbs. Diagramming Will show this to you. Adverbs are diagrammed on a slanted line underneath the Word that they modify. Isn’t that cool?! You can leam more about diagramming by going to the English grammar exercise page which Will take you Step by Step through diagramming.

List of Conjunctions Use this list of conjunctions to helpyou understand conjunctions a bit better. For more information, see the conjunctions page. Quick Refresher: Conjunctions are words that join two or more ords, phrases, or clauses. Coordinating Conjunctions There are only seven of these. Learn to diagram coordinating conjunctions. Example: cookies and milk Here thev are: but, or, yet, so You can remember them using the acronym FANBOYS. Subordinating Conjunctions There are many subordinating conjunctions.

This list does not include all ofthem. Learn to diagram subordinating conjunctions. Example: I Will eat broccoli after I eat this cookie. A: after, although, as, as if, as long as, as much as, as soon as, as though B: because, befare, bythe time E: even if, even though : if, in arder that, in case L: lest O: once, only if P: provided that S: since, so that T: than, that, though, till U: unless, until W: when, whenever, where, wherever, while Correlative Conjunctlons These are always used in pairs.

Example: This cookie contains neither chocolate nor nuts. both… and either… or neither… nor not only… but also whether… or Diagram Conjunctions! Diagramming sentences is a way to show you how the words in a You can See that coordinating conjunctions connect two or more elements in a sentence be 31_1f3 the elements that thev con on a dotted line between