La importancia del idioma inglés

“ THE IMPORTANCE OF THE ENGLISH FOR ME ” The purpose of this essay is to make a reflection about the learning of the English language. Today more than ever it is essential to learn the English language. In this essay I will approach subjects related about the learning of the English language and the importance that for me and for all people who do not speak this language. To understand the importance of learning a new idiom I must make some questions like: Is the English knowledge a luxury? How influences in my personal life the knowledge of this language? How influences the age in the learning of a new idiom or some other activity?

At these moment in Mexico there exists a low percentage of people who speak the English language that’s why the institutions do not have exact data of it for example: The INEGI (National Institute of Statistics and Geography) with their statistics do not include this point; only focuses to the indigenous languages of our country, on the other hand the SEP (Secretary of Public education) can give the number solely of withdrawn of their institutions and although they distributed these classes in last dates the learning

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of this foreign language the can not give us a forceful data that indicates how many people have dominion of this language really. To learn a second language is necessity and not a luxury including who people does not dominate other language would be in a clear situation of disadvantage, therefore the knowledge of this idiom will make to reach a better laboral level and economy in a work or organization and at the end this will give us a better life. Nowadays learn another language is definitely very important and never is late for learning it!

With respect to when beginning the learning of a second idiom, some specialists suggest that can be since the 6 years, because they already know their mother tongue and understanding the sense and meaning among the words and because they have greater ability to understand new information because with the passing of the years is more difficult to learn it because we are used to speak a colloquial language that is why some people think to start to learn the English language when they are older is more difficult to speak it with fluidity than those who learn as children. Finally today there are many, people who say: “ I am already very old to learn” but the age must not influence however nobody says that it is easy, is necessary to strive and at the end it will be a major leap in my personal life, in my work and my great compensation it will be to accede to more information than another way for me would be unknown.