History of the newspaper

History of the newspaper gy siuectpaupin ACKa6pR 04, 2010 | 2 pagos The first newspaper goes back about 5 centuries ago. The first know newspaper were in Renaissance Europe. hey were hand writed and held information on wars, economic condition, social customs, and human interest features. Printed newspaper fierce appeared in Germany in the lake 1400 in the front of pamphlets. The first newspaper in the English speaking areas were call Corantos. The only had information on important events. The weekly news was the first prosperus newspaper and was made in 1622. e first English news paper was published in 1666 and as called the London Gazette. The first newspaper in America was public occurrances. It was made with out autority in 1690 in Boston. The publisher was arrested and the copies were destroid. The pustmaster-campbell made the first succesful America newspaper. It was made on A ril 24 1704 and was called Boston news letter. Th ora to vie»‘ The news letter was filled with information mostly about the Intrigues of the English politics, at variety of events conserning the European war, items listing chip arribles, deads, cermones, polltical appoinment, firest, accidents and more.

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he colonies by the eve of the revolutionary war- It garantered writer have freedom ofthe press. At the end of the war in 1783 there were 43 newspapers in print. The press plaied a very important roll in the affairs of the new nation. Many more newspapers were stating different political opinions. In 1791 the bill of right was issued. It gave freedom of the press. By 1814 there were 346 newspapers. In the Jacksonian populist 1830 advenced in printing and paper making tecnology led to a huge newspaper growth, the emergence of the penny press. It was then possible to purchase a newspaper for a cent.