Estudiante gy sorasura»ua I ACk’a6pR 02, 2010 | 2 pagos Uhoo oh yeah, La da a da Don’t get me wrong, I love who I am I don’t wanna be ungrateful It probably sounds strange I really love the role I play The songs sing But with all the fame The things that seem so simple, suddenly, so far out of reach Wish that they could see that underneath… l’m just an ordinary girl! Sometimes l’m lazy I get bored I get scared I feel ignored I feel happy, get silly ora to View nut*ge I choke on my own words

I make questions, have Dreams And I Still want to believe Anything can happen in this world, For an ordinary girl Like you, Like me How are you? Hello, Good-bye One day here, One day there And again it’s time to go (Yeaheaaaa) I feel ignored (Yeah) So give it everything or nothin’ at all Get back on your feel when You stumble and fall A little luck can go a long way So don’tyou worry about What people say Who knows when the wind may blow For an ordinary girl.. (Mmmm) l’m just an ordinary girl (Yeah)