Demanda 3 CABALLOTORREZ 17, 2011 29 pagos Backhoe Loader Engine Engine Model (Standard) Gross Power – SAEJI 995 Net Power – SAE J1349 Weights Operating Weight – Nominal Operating Weight – Maximum Cat C4. 4 102 kW 92 kW 137 hp 124 hp 24,141 lb 27,115 lb Backhoe Dig Depth 5260 mm 5260 mm 17 ft3 in 17ft3 in 21 10 950 kg 12 300 kg ed E-Stick Extended PACE 1 or2g to View nut*ge 450E Backhoe Loader Caterpillar@ Backhoe Loaders set the industry standard for operator comfort, exceptional performance, versatility and jobsite efficiency.

Operator Station V The all-new operator station maximizes operator comfort and productivity. Easy to use machine controls keep operator fatigue Iow and production up throughout the workday. pg. 4 Pilot Operated Joystick Controls Pilot operated joystick controls are easy to use, reduce operator fatigue and increase efficiency. Auxiliary backhoe hydraulic functions are operated with convenient thumb roller controls. pg. 6 Hydraulics your job site applications. All machines are equipped with thumb mounting brackets. pg. 1 Additional Features V product Link, combined functlon hydraulics and work lights round out the features. pg. 12 With pilot-operated joystick controls, a more comfortable perator station, new extendible Stick design and increased performance,

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the 450E lets you get more done with less effort. 2 Power Train v» The Cato C4. 4 engine meets all I_J. S. EPA Tier 3/ EU Stage III emissions requirements. The efficient fuel system delivers reliable engine lug performance. The transmission and new axles provide increased roading speed. g. 8 Ride Control Backhoe and Loader Features Standard Caterpillar Ride Control All new backhoe is designed for provides a comfortable ride at all speeds, increased performance with higher both on the jobsite and on the highway. digging and lifting forces. The new System is designed to provide an extendible Stick includes a new wear improved ride whether the bucket pad design, providing increased life is full or empty. pg. g and serviceability. The single-tilt loader offers solid performance in bucket work and material handling. g. 10 Serviceability and Customer Support Easier maintenance results in greater machine uptime and Iower owning and operating costs. New tilt-up hood provides easier access to the engine compartment, exposing all daily service points. Your Cat dealer offers a Wide range of serv be set up under a Customer Su service points. Your Cat dealer offers a Wide range of services that can be set up under a Customer Support Agreement, such as S•O•S and Scheduled Maintenance. pg. 3 V New Feature 3 Operator Station The all-new operator station provides maximum comfort and ease of operation. 450E Deluxe cab 4 Operator Comfort. The all-new operator station has been designed to maximize operator comfort and productivity. Pilot operated controls allow for more legroom and a spacious work environment. New Styling. The new ergonomic, automotive styling of the operator station enhances the operator environment. The narrow front dash provides excellent visibility o the front bucket. Integrated storage areas and cupholders are desgned for operator convenience.

Deluxe ROPS Canopy. Features of the ROPS canopy include: • • • • • • • • suspension vinyl seat Tilt steering wheel Two 12-volt internal power supply adapters 1 2-volt external power supply adapter Phone clip Lockable, left side storage compartment Drink holders Floor mat Eight working lights Boosted brakes Individual auto- up feature on stabilizer controls Rotating vandal guard System indicators for hydraulic filter service and hydraulic temperature warnlng Deluxe Cab with Air Conditioning.

The standard cab features include: • • Air suspension fabric seat Tilt steering wheel Two 12-volt internal power supply adapters 12-volt external power supply ada ip Lockable, 12-volt internal power supply adapters 12-volt external power supply adapter Phone clip Lockable, lefi side storage compartment Drink holders Floor mat Eight working lights Boosted brakes Individual auto-up feature on stabilizer controls Two doors Front and rear windshield Wiper/washer system Radio- ready Dome light Deluxe, nine-way adjustable air suspension Seat System indicators for hydraulic filter service and hydraulic emperature warning Air conditioning Air Suspension Seat. The standard air suspension seat utilizes an air adjustment mechanism for a greater operating range and more comfortable ride. A switch on the seat post allows the seat to be tailored to support differing body weights. Adjustable Seat height accommodates all operators. The deluxe cab air suspension seat also has an adjustable back support, lumbar support, Seat cushion extension, Seat cushion tilt and vertical and angle adjusting armrests. HVAC System.

The improved air conditioning system features enhanced air distribution and erformance for a more comfortable work environment. Large capacity fresh air filter is easily serviced from ground level with no tools required. Nearly 20% increase in air flow combined with improved louver locations provide superior operator comfort. New Gauge Cluster. Operators can easily View system information on the new gauge cluster. Gauges are displayed against a white background for good visibility in different light conditions. Ergonomic, tactile switch Ergonomic, tactile switches are simple to understand. Storage Compartment. New lockable, lefi side storage compartment is standard on the 450E.

Pilot Operated Joystick Controls Low effort, comfortable controls reduce fatigue and provide more legroom. Joystick Controls. Standard excavatorstyle joysticks provide smooth modulation and are ergonomically designed for Iow effort control and operator comfort. Without the traditional, rear console, they also provide increased legroom and greater rearw’ard viewing area. Pilot Operated Stabilizer Controls. Stabilizer controls are within easy reach of the operator when operating the backhoe and provide Iow effort and fine modulation control. Each control has automatlc raislng or «Auto-up» feature to Speed the process for oving on. Pilot Control Pods.

Located on the left and right sides, the controls can move fore and aft and can be operated in either position for maximum comfort. Joystick Roller Switches. Thumb rollers on the joysticks provide convenient, fingertip control of auxiliary functions for features such as the extendible Stick, hammers and augers. Roller switches eliminate the need for foot pedals, providing additional foot room for the operator. Pattern Selector Switch. The pattern selector switch, located in the cab, allows the operator to change from excavator control pattern to backhoe loader control pattern ithout leaving the seat. Mech s OF from excavator control pattern to backhoe loader control pattern without leaving the seat. Mechanical Controls.

Four-lever Dynahoe and 4-Iever Ford Style controls remain available for operators with those preferences. Foot pedals operate additlonal functions such as extendible Stick and auxiliary lines. 6 Hydraulics Caterpillar sets the standard in power and precision with load- sensing hydraulics. Load-Sensing Hydraulic System. The variable displacement piston pump and flow-sharing hydraulic valves sense work demand and adjust flow and pressure for increased productivity. Load-sensing hydraulics deliver: • • • • • Maximum lift and dig forces at any engine RPM Cooler hydraulic system Better fuel efficiency Quieter operation Reduced wear on components Hydraulic Pump.

The variable displacement piston pump improves implement response and Speed while Still providing high forces at any engine speed. A supplemental gear pump provides increased flow and responsiveness. Torque Limiter Control. The pump torque limiter control manages distribution of engine power to the hydraulic system and drive train. E-Series improvements produce more aggressive backhoe digging and tronger truck loading performance. Flow-Sharing Hydraulic Valves. Technology leveraged from Cat Hydraulic Excavators, new flowsharing hydraulic valves automatically distribute flow to optimize multifunction implement performance. Closed-center implement valves signal hydraulic system requirements to a c 6 OF implement performance.

Closed-center implement valves signal hydraulic system requirements to a control valve located on the pumpa Clamps and Bushings. Metal clamps with rubber bushings are used at hose attachment points to eliminate metal-tometal contact and increase wear life. Cat XT-3 ES ToughGuardw Hoses. Improved bend radius and abrasion resistance provide reliable long life in the toughest conditions. Made of four overlapping, insulated Wire spiral wraps bonded together for durability, Cat XT-3 ES (Enhanced Spiral) ToughGuard hoses exceed SAE certification standards. The hose routing protects them from work damage, and hose failure is substantially reduced. Cat XT-3 ES ToughGuard hoses combined with Cat couplings and 0-ring face seal fittings provide a leak-free system.

Al backhoe hydraulic circuits utilize the new ToughGuard hose with extended wear characteristics. Power Train The Cato C4. 4 engine is built for performance, power, reliability and fuel efficiency. Auto-Shift Transmission. The standard automatic transmission matches gears with grade and load conditions. Top gear is selected with the twist grip control on the steering column. At the touch of a switch, manual mode gives the operator control over gear selection, as a power shift transmission. Transmission Kick Down Switch/ Neutralizer. Located on the loader control, the kick- down switch allows the operator to downshift through the gears. When this switch is depressed for more than one se perator to downshift through the gears.

When this switch is depressed for more than one second, it serves as the transmission neutralizer to maintain engine and hydraulic Speed when truck loading. Standard Four Wheel Drive (4WD). Heavy- duty front drive axle can be engaged at any time by activating the switch on the front console. The switch can be activated while the machine is stopped or moving, with or without load. 4WD features outboard planetary gear final drives and improves mobility and loader performance in poor traction conditions. Brake Mode Selector. The brake mode selector switch has three ositions: two wheel drive, 0010 wheel drive with all wheel braking and all wheel drive.

Center position provides two wheel drive for better tire life while roading and engages the front axle when brakes are applied for improved braking performance. cat C4. 4 Diesel Engine. The cat C4. 4 engine meets all U. S. EPA Tier 3/ Stage III emissions requirements. It delivers high horsepower, increased torque rise and reliable power with Iow emissions. It provides excellent fuel economy and system durability. Direct Injection Fuel System. Individual unit fuel injectors deliver efficient and accurate fuel metering and reduced emissions. The water separator service Indicator ensures the operator is alerted when service is necessary. Enhanced Roading Speed. Maximum roading Speed has been increased to 40 km/h (25 mph) for faster travel between jobsites. Air Cleaner. A dry-type axial s Air Cleaner.

A dry-type axial seal air cleaner with automatic, integrated dust ejection system provides more efficient pre- separation. The two-stage air filter incorporates both air cleaner and precleaner functions into a single unit mounted under the hood. New Axles. New heavy-duty axles are designed specifically for demanding backhoe loader applications. Features include utboard planetary gear sets and brakes for serviceability and longer life. Standard Caterpillar Ride Control delivers even greater operator comfort. Ride Control System. The Ride Control System incorporates a nitrogen accumulator in the loader lift circuit that smooths the ride in all conditions, including load and carry, highway roading, or simply moving around the job site. Improved productivity.

Ride Control improves material retention in the loader bucket for increased productivity and a cleaner jobsite. Controllability. Ride Control reduces machine lopin% providing a smooth and stable ride for increased operator omfort and reduced operator fatigue. Convenient Operation. The system is easily engaged by a switch on the front console. The Ride Control switch has three positions, ON, OFF and AUTOMATIC. In the automatic position, the Ride Control engages automatically as the travel Speed increases. At Iow speed, the system disengages for loading, grading or finishing applications. system disengages for loading, grading or finishing applications. New extendible Stick is designed for better performance, higher force and improved serviceability. Backhoe Swing Casting. New swing casting is designed to handle he high performance of the E-Series backhoe. It features replaceable bushings for durability and serviceability. Extendible Stick Design New Backhoe Design. The completely new E-Series backhoe delivers increased digging forces. Its rugged design provides durability in the toughest applications. Serrated edges on the Stick provides improved material clamping for clearing and demolition applications. New Extendible Stick. The optional extendible Stick (E-stick) increases reach and dig depth by 1. 26 m (4. 14 ft).

The new design delivers increased life and easy in-field adjustment. High Rotation Backhoe Linkage. Single pin bucket linkage contributes to best-in-class rotation of 198 degrees for all applications, eliminating the need to change pin position whether loading trucks or digging tight, vertical Wall trenching. An extra pin hole in the E-Series buckets is provided to maintain compatibility with previous machine models. Backhoe Boom. The excavator- Style boom features box section fabrication with thicker plates for optimum performance and durability. The curued design provides additional clearance over obstacles while digging a trench or truck loading. The narrow boom enhances the viewing area to the bu